Jan Lowe

Melbourne Australia

Jan has 2 passions, and she has a love of work she does, the people she meets, the amazing candidates and clients, and her other passion happens to be art! Believes that you have to be busy and make the most of every moment – if not working – she is sketching or painting something – keep busy – it is all fun. Jan founded Australian Aerospace Resources in 2004 and set up in 2005, working in the sectors of specialist skills for the aerospace industry as well as the oil and gas industries. She works with a great group of other professionals across Australia, UK and Europe, and she only likes to work with people that love to work. Visit her at work on www.aaresources.com.

However her second passion is art, and she likes to paint in watercolour, oils, acrylics, pen and wash and just about anything that makes a mark on paper or canvas! As a young professional woman she had the fortune of a career that took her to many countries of the world giving her the opportunity to escape the work life and grasp any free time to draw many difference places and species of animals. Active member of various groups to save animals from cruelty or endangerment. A natural artist, her favourite subjects being landscapes, city scapes, animals and birds, however all paintings must tell a story and capture a moment!

She is President of the Australia Guild of Realist Art (AGRA), one of the highlights of this role is working with wonderful artists in bringing art to artists, the public and working with so many gifted people makes the tireless working hours worthwhile. Committee member with the Watercolour Art Society of Australia & Victoria, Founder of the Guild of Nature and Wildlife Art in Australia. Member of the Victorian Art Society, Melbourne Society of Women Painters & Sculptors Inc and the American Watercolour Society.

If you keep busy, you get the best rewards – learn to appreciate all that you see and hear and enjoy life, it is a gift!

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