Aarika Munro

Kingsport, TN

I'm a 23 year-old born and raised in Orange County, California. At the young age of 18, I decided I wanted to see more of the world, and accepted an offer to play collegiate volleyball at Columbia College in South Carolina. A few athletic awards and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies later, I'm living in Kingsport, Tennessee working for Girls Inc., a non profit organization that strives to make every girl that walks through our doors strong, smart, and bold.

I am outoging, vivacious, energetic, and I love challenges. I believe life is about taking calculated risks and finding plenty of time to play and enjoy your surroundings. I enjoy coaching volleyball, working out, watching movies, and going to ANY athletic event. I think laughter is the best ab work out and food is an art form and should be relished. I'd rather spend all my money on experiences, rather than material objects.

  • Work
    • Sports Director at Girls Inc. of Kingsport
  • Education
    • Columbia College, SC