Aaron Gaerlan Dalusung-Rivera

Cultural Worker, Museum Docent, and Visual Artist in Angeles, Philippines

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Aa (Ae) Rivera (born Aaron Gaerlan Dalúsung Rivera), is a Kapampangan visual artist and cultural worker based in Angeles City, Philippines. Although he grew up in Angeles City, he also lived in different places throughout the years, one of the notable places he has been is Tondo, Manila, where he learned how to drink beer. He was one of Kalye Lakandula Gallery's resident artists.

His art mediums are acrylic on canvas, ink on paper, watercolour, and natural stain, and he has known to practice these art genres; surrealism, neo-surrealism, mixed media, installation art, lowbrow art movement, pop art movement, abstract and avant-garde art. He also does film based photography using his favourite 1972 Chinon CM-4S 35mm SLR and shoots minimal quality videos for his moving pictures presentations. He conducts art workshops, talks and exhibits; both solo and collaborative.

He is one of the founders, together with Marc Neil D. Valeciano, Juan Karlo Punzalan, and Julio Sandino Sanchez, of UnARThodox, an Alternative Arts Exhibition Label which is based in Pampanga.

He is currently doing projects with UnARThodox while being a full time museum docent for the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP). He is known for being a multimedia artist for he also writes essay and still writes in Kulitan or the Indigenous Kapampangan Script. Since 2013, he is an active member of the National Committee on Northern Cultural Communities (NCNCC) of Sub-Commission on Cultural Communities and Traditional Arts (SCCTA) of National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) under the cluster of Tagalog/ Sambal/ Kapampangan communities.

Aa Rivera does philanthropic work and is a volunteer in an orphanage and a house for unfortunate aged people. He is fond of drinking beer and spending a day reading history and seldom watches adult materials for art studies. He currently lives in Masantol, Pampanga, together with his wife, daughter, and a dog named Peewee.

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    • Freelance Visual Artist
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    • Holy Angel University