Aarni Heiskanen

Architect and Consultant in Finland

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I practiced architectural design for over 10 years before becoming an Internet developer and management consultant.

I want to make construction better through innovation and new technology.

Our company, AE Partners works with innovators and game-changers in the construction industry.

I co-founded Thinking Portfolio, a company that develops Internet software for strategic management of project, IT, and service portfolios.

Many people have said that I'm a good communicator. I'm a keen blogger and podcaster and have been named as one of the 100 Biggest Influencers in Construction.

I paint and draw, take photos and do graphic design. I listen to classical music, jazz, and progressive rock of the 1970s. Jogging, boating, and travel are great, too. I'm always reading a book or two.

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Photo: ©Anna Dammert

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