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Aarni Heiskanen

Architect and Consultant in Finland

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I practiced architectural design for over 10 years before becoming an Internet developer and management consultant.

My passion is innovation in construction.

Our company, AE Partners provides growth hacking services for trailblazers in the construction industry.

I co-founded Thinking Portfolio, a company that develops Internet software for strategic management of project, IT, and service portfolios.

Many people have said that I'm a good communicator. I'm a keen blogger and podcaster and have been named as one of the 100 Biggest Influencers in Construction.

I paint and draw, take photos and do graphic design. I listen to classical music, jazz, and progressive rock of the 1970s. Jogging, boating, and travel are great, too. I'm always reading a book or two.

Connect with me via email or on my social media outlets.

Photo: ©Anna Dammert

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