Aarno Aukia

Director, Software Engineer, and Project Manager in Zürich, Switzerland

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My professional passion is keeping web applications running so that both the visitors and software developers are happy. My vision is toautomate all aspects of software operations for uptime, availability, scalability and developer ease of use (NoOps).

We are at the cutting edge of container technology, using Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift together with estabished DevOps tools like Git, Ansible, Puppet, Jenkins, etc

We work with Software Engineers to help taking care of their working infrastructure (Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Dev/Test Environments) and all the 24/7 operations of the production environment(s) independent on the physical location: we run applications in any cloud internationally (AWS, Azure, Google, Rackspace), in selected regions according to customer specifications (Switzerland, Germany, France, etc) and on customer-premises private infrastructure.

  • Work
    • VSHN
  • Education
    • ETH Zurich