Aaron Bourgoin

Designer and Intern Architect in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Aaron puts ideas and people together. He thinks like an artist. He thinks like a specification writer. At the end of the day, he makes stuff happen. Good stuff. Aaron founded virtual NORTH (1992) which supported a network of architects, engineers and constructors across Western Canada and the Arctic with sound ideas and rigourous, strategic thinking about Building Information Modeling. He sold stuff, sure, and aided and abetted great design practices while doing it. Aaron co-founded atèlier PUBLIC WORKS (1994) as a collaborative design incubator for projects in the built environment. Once a designer always a designer, Aaron leads design projects and collaborates with others with insight, imagination and passion. When all is said and done, but in the end it will have something to do with how we make places, sustain them responsibly and connect the experience of their creation to the lives lived within- diverse in location, situation and derivation - of a 40 year career as an architectural professional.

  • Education
    • Architecture, History of Science