Aaron Braunstein

My name is Aaron Braunstein and for the past decade I have been helping deliver complex projects for Apple. With a history of strong project leadership, driving innovation and delivering completion, I bring insightfulness and order to the development process on local and global levels. I build dynamic, diverse teams and focus on removing the roadblocks that get in their way. Whether it's multilevel technology challenges, complex systems and architectures, or teams of diverse personalities, I make sense of complexity. Armed with my strong technical background and ability to simplify complex systems, I evolve existing systems and processes or build new ones from the ground floor. I develop a deep understanding of all the moving parts so that even the subtle, hard-to-state needs of participants are taken into account as systems develop. ► As Manager, iTunes Content Project Team, I was part of the core team tasked with the construction and launch of Apple’s iOS App Store. Breaking down this complex project into specific, workable tasks, I provided proper support for developer submissions with the iOS, XCode and iTunes Asset Management teams, helped plan store behavior and worked with DRM team to ensure the appropriate security model was implemented. With a proven ability to find potential, I create an environment and opportunity to grow. I build the organizational structures that focus on innovation and individual ownership. As a mentor, I have shepherded many from new-hire individual contributor into the ranks of management later in their career. Everything I do is dedicated to delivering support and empowerment to smart, motivated people.