Aaron Chusid

Focusing on strengthening organizational growth and communication, Aaron has worked in marketing, non-profit management, education, and camping. His strengths are social media integration, youth programming at all age levels, volunteer management, and training design and delivery. During his time with the Boy Scouts, Aaron received national recognition for his training programs. These programs were the backbone of his success in his District, which moved during his tenure from one of the lowest-rated Districts in the region to one of the top, meeting and exceeding membership goals every year he was there, and achieving double-digit fundraising growth for two consecutive years. With Chusid Associates, Aaron has helped the company transition from sole-proprietorship to corporation, managing transition, technology, and staffing issues to shepherd the company successfully through the transformation. Additionally, he oversees continuing education and social media marketing for the company and their clients. Look at fencing as an advanced form of interpersonal communication, and the common thread between all of Aaron's interests becomes apparent: developing a strong, clear point and delivering it to the correct target as efficiently as possible.