Aaron Craft

Student in Athens, Georgia

Hello, I’m Aaron. I’m a student living in Athens, Georgia. I have recently just transferred into UGA this past semester and have been loving being here. Last year i attended GCSU and lived with 7 other people in an apartment. i enjoyed my time there, despite our much too overcrowded living space, but wanted to move onto something better and so here I am.

I am a second year economics student and have loved my program of study in its entirety ever since i was exposed to it. I plan on attempting to graduate early so that I can move on to my masters program, focusing in financial economics. i am unsure exactly what I wish to do with my degree, since there are so many options to choose from but I have no doubt that I will enjoy doing whatever it is I end up perusing.

Outside of school I really love to stay active. i try to make it to the gym most days, or at least go outside and play some basketball with some friends. hiking and camping is usually what Im doing on the weekends, as there is nothing better to me than exploring new places far from home.


This month has show me just how much I dont know about communication skills in the professional world. Though I may have been practicing many things we have covered, it was not always purposeful. I now understand how effective different tools can be in presentations and in communicating. More actively thinking about each detail in my visuals, their placement and size has helped me in presenting information more effectively. On the other hand, understanding the proper layout of letters, memos, and other forms of communicating has made for a more concise and efficient form of communication.