Aaron Cuyler

Atlanta GA

Dear Viewer, Thanks so much for taking time to view my page. I'm a recent graduate of bible college and now on the field. I live on support as a missionary and I plan on being apart of the fulfillment of the great comission of Jesus while seeing the establishment of night and day prayer across the earth. I believe that we're in a critical time in the Earth that is preparing the body of Christ for the return of Jesus. In light of Matthew 24:14, the earth is being prepared for the greatest hour of salvation we have ever seen. Jesus is longing for His house to be filled and while most christians cannot travel and preach to all creation due to commitments at home, I find myself hungry to be apart of the salvation of peoples and nations across the Earth. I would like to invite you to begin to ask the Lord about supporting me prayerfully and financially as I fulfill God's eternal purpose across the Earth and prepare it for the return of the Christ. With revival fires burning brightly in many nations, I'm dedicated to the glory of the Lord covering the Earth as the waters cover the sea. Currently I am on board with a group of missionaries from Iris Ministries (irisglobal.org) and we are gathering soon in Europe with a vision for the entire continent to become given over in love to Jesus. I would love for you to be apart of this journey that I have begun through prayer and financially support. Like most missionaries I am looking for monthly supporters; those who have been saved and changed by Jesus and who want to see others come into that reality. This is a great opportunity to sow into a global vision born in the heart of God to see mankind come into encounter with their Maker. If you have been changed by Jesus and love Him this is a chance to share that love across the world without even being there! If this is something you believe in and something that you want to be apart of, I would invite you to contact at the email or the phone number below to get some further information. I'd like to invite you to prayerfully consider joining my team of supporters as I carry out the great commission. Please feel free to contact at any time via email, or phone. Blessings, Aaron Cuyler aaron.wesley.cuyler@gmail.com 678-936-6467

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