Aaron Espinosa

Peoria, Arizona

I was born in Phoenix, Arizona on September 24th. When I was about 5 I was moved to Peoria where I was raised up until the age of 19 when I moved out and decided to start my own legacy.

In the early years of high school I was very involved with a Christian church, who's views I still believe and follow in today. I believe there is no such thing as "good government," but it is a mandatory evil. I am strongly against taxes and believe they are unjustified when it comes to most things.

My first job was working at the grocery store when I was 17 at the neighborhood Albertson's. This was a very professional environment and fast-paced. Needless to say, this was not my passion. I discovered a new job when I was 19 at teleNetwork, helping others as I love to do. Not long after I received this job was I making enough money to move out of my parents home and provide for myself. Since then there have been new promotions and such available to me at work which I have fully taken advantage of. In my spare time I have developed applications to automate processes and increase efficiency. In my interest in pursing a career in the field of call centers, I attained a position as an Account Manager working at Discover to improve-upon my skill sets.

My hobbies include computer repair, watching movies, spending time with family, and programming in C++, PHP, JQuery, Visual Basic and Java. I love my family and the life that I live. I'm an entrepreneur who's business which I hope to one day pass onto my own kids one day.

  • Work
    • Chat Support Representative @ teleNetwork, Ltd.
  • Education
    • Sunrise Mountain Highschool 2010