Aaron Frost

Father in Jaffrey, New Hampshire

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BDSM Master 20+ years (Master SouledOut),Irish American,(Moved to the States when I was 6,from Belfast,Ireland). Gulf War vet,3rd Inf. Div,82nd ABd.Suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (T.B.I.)in 2003.

Magister at Warriors Ov Lucifers Fallen (W.O.L.F.) since 2000. (Magister SouledOut)


Reverend at The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster since 2012


FreeThinker,Satanist,Atheist,Pagan born. I have No Love for any Religion,they are all man made Horseshit.

Life is yours,live it your way. I won't bother you,unless you irritate me,or are hurting others.

Then we are going to have a Huge Problem.

My Charity is for the DAV. Disabled American Veterans. They put themselves in harms way,so you could live free. Please Support.

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