Aaron Gilbert

Student in New York

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Howdy, I’m Aaron. I’m a student living in New York. I am a fan of photography, travel, and painting. I’m also interested in baseball and basketball. You can read my blog with a click on the button above.

I am lover of nature who enjoys hiking on his weekends off of work. I spends a great deal of his time volunteering at a local animal shelter, helping to find adoptive parents for dogs and cats in need. Passionate about charity work, I spend a lot of free time involved at the homeless shelter or helping to tutor junior high school-aged children in math and science pro-bono.

Aaron enjoys traveling anywhere that he can, as much as he can, and hopes to one day cross every state in the United States off of the list of places he would like to someday visit. A collector, Aaron enjoys finding unique artifacts and antiques from all across the country to add to his growing collection.

He also enjoys collecting records and is a huge music buff who can talk for hours about any sort of tunes. He learned to play the viola in junior high and has won several school awards for his performances. He also took guitar lessons until he was 18 and now enjoys playing acoustic shows when he can at local clubs, bars and other small venues in his free time--when he isn't on the move.

Aaron dreams of perhaps working for the Peace Corps someday, or serving in some other sort of humanitarian aid program where he can apply his love of charity work to spend his time resolving real world issues that plague countries far and wide.