Aaron Hinnecke

Pickering, Ontario

My name is Aaron Hinnecke, and I was a student studying at Durham College. I was in the Digital Video Production program. I've been interested in the concepts of video editing and video capture since the age of thirteen. The very first video editing program I played around with was Windows Movie Maker. As I grew older, I discovered and became interested in some more advanced film programs such as TrakAxPC, iMovie, Final Cut, and Premiere Pro. Some of my personal works include a family video I created in early 2011, and a bunch of projects from my first year at college. These include my Brady Bunch parody, my chase video, and experiments with different shot types and camera movements.

I enjoy working with all of my peers at my college, and in the near future, I hope to continue to get along with new people, and express my ideas to the public.

  • Education
    • Pine Ridge Secondary School
    • Durham College