Aaron Jackson

Aaron Jackson is an inspirational Acting Coach and Motivational Speaker who travels the country inspiring students to make positive choices in their lives. Aaron starred in the NBC series, California Dreams in the early 90's. Since then he has starred in and produced several feature films. In addition to his film experience, he has also appeared in several stage productions, on TV and in Productions. He has a dynamic teaching style. He coaches aspiring actors through workshops and seminars, and is passionate in teaching students the dangers and life altering consequences of bulllying. He also spreads the word about the dangers of drinking and driving through his program, Dangerous Curves. His innovative approach allows his students to become part of the message, making it more meaningful and motivational whether they are watching the presentation or have a role in it. Students, teachers, and parents naturally gravitate to his genuine warmth and humor which further enhances the message he is presenting. Audiences and students alike will be inspired to face their challenges with courage, set goals and achieve them.