Aaron James Velasquez

Edmond, OK

My name is Aaron James Velasquez and I'm a Junior at the University of Central Oklahoma studying Photographic Arts and Graphic Design. I’m a very outgoing guy that loves having a great time with everything I do including my photography. I want my photos to have a little more vibrant and lively feel to them. I don’t want just “Point & Shoot” pictures; I want a piece of artwork that will always bring me back to that exact point. I mean, we don’t, as photographers, just go out and take pictures; we make artwork with our subjects. That final edit means more to the photographer than it does to the subject itself. A photographer is the one that molds the first photo and crafts it into the beautiful piece of work it is. We stay beside that picture until it’s fully developed; it’s a connection like a mother and her child. Well, maybe that’s a little deep. Anyway, I’m a tad bit random and some people just have to get used to me or at least try to understand my ways. To add to that I, myself, don’t understand me half the time. It makes it more fun I guess. =]

  • Work
    • Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers
  • Education
    • University of Central Oklahoma