Aaron Henry

Designer and Small Business Owner in New York

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Hello my name is Aaron Henry I am from Harlem, NY. I am a •Father •Entrepreneur •Creator •Inventor •Designer

Little about me:

I love gadgets, I love to tinker. When I was a teenager, I was known for coming up with all types wacky inventions and creative problem solving ideas. I accredit my creativeness to growing up in the USVI. As a kid in St. Croix, I would make parachutes out of garbage bags for my action figures and l was pretty good at building kites from scratch.

The birth of The TsuLution LLC and The TsuRag (A multifunctional stringless durag):

It was New Year's Eve 2010 when I stumbled upon a Facebook Fan Page, it was a page created for young Black Males that styled their hair in a hairstyle known as 360 Waves. I instantly became a fan of the page and found myself posting pics, giving tips and answering questions from up and coming Wavers.

The process to achieve the hairstyle 360 Waves consist of moisturizing, brushing and finally, laying the hair down with a durag.

Compression is key! The rag lays the hair down and trains it to grow in a wave pattern. There were many rookie Wavers complaining about the age old process of achieving waves. The string of the traditional durag is infamous for causing headaches and line impressions in the forehead. In some cases, permanent marks were left from the indentation of tying the string too tight.

This was something I was too familiar with, that's because I've been rocking that hairstyle since the 1990s. I knew there had to be a better way and I was creative enough to come up with the solution.

The Wave Community quickly caught wind of my new improved version of the durag and after one year of being in business, I left my job of 12 years at the New York Times to run my own company full time.


Catch me on the new Project Runway Series: Fashion Startup on Lifetime 10/27