Konstanz, Baden-Wuerttemberg Region, Germany

I am a German BA university student with 5 years of professional Asia experience and well developed intercultural and interpersonal competencies, with a strong focus on the Chinese and Southeast Asian market.

Working experience in the fields of Marketing, Account Management and Events sector have provided me with essential working competencies, needed in today's working environment.

I do understand both the importance of full commitment to assigned tasks as well as working both as a team and independently as a team member. I know about how to not only set certain goals, but also about working hard for attaining them by always striving for continuous skill enhancement.

I am a resilient, good- and high-spirited young person, more than eager to invest my all in projects and work that I believe in, in order to enhance my personal area of expertise and achieve the best possible results.

As a personal area of interest I am currently further improving my skills in the business sectors of Luxury and Fashion.

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    • Event Management
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    • Bachelor