Aaron A

From Failsworth to Heaton Moor via New York arrives Aaron A and he brings with him sweeping strings, cutting guitars and a hell of a lot of 60′s reverb. In 1998, Aaron was behind a mic on stage at the Boardwalk, Manchester. He spent eight years in a band and progressed from support slots for unknown bands to, in 2006, recording with a major label. The time between these events was filled with meetings with A&R from across the country, getting stuck in a lift during In The City 2004 with a chap who proclaimed he was the "saviour of music", to very dull nights out with the lawyers of some of the biggest bands in the country. This according to Aaron was not a pleasant experience. Which brings us to 2012 and an older and wiser Aaron who has been writing and recording an album on his own since early this year on his iPad and laptop, with no band, no preconceptions, no worries and above all, no expectations.

The world has changed from 1998 when Aaron was spending time burning demo CDs and fruitlessly posting them to anonymous recipients. In 2012 he discovered he can release his music, worldwide, on his own. And this is what he is doing, with his debut single "Layers will Tear", a huge anthemic pop song best listened to loudly in the sun coming this summer as a worldwide digital release followed with a full album later in 2012.