Aaron Edwards

Ny Metro Area

Face it - most of us have a lot of stuff.

What should we toss out? What should we keep? Where should it all go? Our closets, computers, workspaces and kitchens cabinets could probably be organized more efficiently.

If you don't have the time or inclination for housework, you hire a maid. Why not hire someone to help make your home more organized, efficient and comfortable?

When I consult with a potential client, we discuss how to improve their home and home office in a way that matches their lifestyle and personal goals. For example, if one works a lot and doesn't have much free time, they can gain an extra half hour in the morning with well organized closets and dressers.

Whether your entire living space needs an overhaul or there's just that one overstuffed closet that's a risk to open, chances are I can help you out.

I don't just organize closets, shelves and kitchen cabinets. Some of my other services include:

- identifying areas in your home and your day to day lifestyle that can use improvement
- help determine items to keep and those that you really don't need
- offer solutions to save money and time
- evaluate your utilities to ensure you have the best services and rates
- speed up your computer
- make your home easier to clean
- file paperwork, bills and recippts
- get your place into shape before a family gathering, dinner party or special event
- address issues with home elcectronics and appliances
- research the best products and services to meet your needs and lifestyle
- tackle stains, match wall paint and do those simple repairs that you may put off
- provide you with solutions to have your home as comfortable and safe as possible

My services are affordable and together we can determine how I can best help you within your budget.

My consulting fees vary - usually a cup of tea, coffee, glass of water, wine or a shot. Travel fees may apply.


About Aaron:

When not working, I spend time writing my one man show, reading, rehearsing and playing video games.

Having had a long career in the nightlife scene - 30 years - I can still be found performing and working the door at clubs, parties, and events in and around the NYC area.

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