Aaron Gentes


I co-founded and run Olympia Golf. Straighter rolls guranteed with one of our Pro model putters...promise. We're also super-committed to developing new Microsoft Kinect v2-based experiences for online clubfitting and beyond. Limitless possibilities with the v2. So lucky and blessed to be working with Microsoft MVP James Ashley...he literally wrote the book on Kinect programming. Check out his blog. imaginativeuniversal.com

Grew up on stage...sing in a jazz group here in Chicago... Love books, actual paper books...went to grad school with Brad Cooper for a year in New York...Robin Williams' Inside the Actors Studio live interview was the single best class I've ever attended and the most jaw-dropping performance I've ever seen. (Peace and love Maestro, you were the greatest!) Love to travel. Went to Jerusalem for the 2000 millenium. Let me tell you...people that have sold everything they own because they believe the Rapture is about to happen is a bit spooky but it makes for a damn interesting conversation!

Total evangelist for the possibilites of vision computing in non-gaming applications. Deep belief it will be the next massive story in hardware and software. Like PCs and smartphones before it, developers need mainstream adoption of the hardware before it can truly flourish...if only Steve Jobs were still here.

  • Work
    • Co-Founder, Olympia Golf
  • Education
    • MFA, Actors Studio Drama School, NYC
    • BA Music, Luther College