Aaron Gonzalez Castro

Stockholm and Mexico (back and forth)

So this is the part where I am supposed to talk myself up. And I'll get to that.

I was born in the Tequila capital of the world in 1986 and left my beloved Mexico 20 years later in search for inspiration, which I found. I am currently living in between Guadalajara and Stockholm surrounded by great people and travelling back and forth.


Involved with start-ups since 2010 and one short-film :

Co-Founder of ESP Solutions, Swedish company producing Bio-Renewable resins for the plastics packaging industry.

Co-founder of Phoodster - hitting the App Store 2015

Co-Founder of Heatcord - hitting the App Store 2015

Associate Producer of the short-film "Marioneta Ciega" by Jaime Fidalgo.

IMDB Account:

Well that's all folks...for now

// MBA. Aaron Gonzalez Castro

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    • ESP Solutions Ltd
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    • JIBS Sweden