Aaron Rinehart

8000 Towers Crescent Drive Vienna, VA 22182

At TestBed we prepare our clients to make educated purchase and resource planning decisions around new technology, and transition from evaluation to implementation. While technology solutions are designed with the intent to be “one size fits all”, this is rarely the case. The approach to new technologies tends to be reactive rather than proactive, with organizations committing to a solution first and adjusting later. An enhanced understanding of the potential consequences that a particular technology may produce enables enterprise IT customers to implement effective measures at the onset as opposed to after-the-fact. TestBed provides guidance at the very beginning of the technology acquisition process. TestBed establishes the priorities and requirements of the client, identifies available technology products, builds and maintains a virtual test environment for those products, records both the positive and negative potential each product poses to the client, and delivers an implementation roadmap for the selected technology.
What makes TestBed unique, however, is the focus on efficiency and rapid testing. By focusing on high-level goals and basic requirements, the research and testing process is streamlined. This focus means TestBed and our clients are required to commit minimal resources to achieve results.

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