aaron hall

I am a user experience and visual designer, who works to make users lives better through the process of research, interacting with them, and designing products that exceed expectations.

Users and what I call the “User or Customer Ecosystem” are my focus. Users are the center of the ecosystem and all items need to be thought of from their perspective. The ecosystem is all contact points the user has with a product or brand from the beginning to the end. It might be searching a company’s website, using a mobile device, interacting with a car radio, picking up an ordered product, or communicating with a company representative.

It is about a holistic approach to design that when fully embraced creates user acceptance, builds brand recognition, and frees users.

My curiosity for how things work and how people interact with different products drives me to create positive user experiences, continually learn about and observer interactions, and focus on the “User or Customer Ecosystem.” I am always asking why and looking to improve upon an experience.

I enjoy designing solution that are more than just an interface, like those that are enhanced by the merging of physical products or in-store experiences with today’s and future digital technologies. Some of these areas are: Nature User Interfaces(NUI), Omni-Channel, mobile devices, as well as any cross design discipline problems.

  • Work
    • User Experience Designer
  • Education
    • M.Sc. in User Experience Design