Aaron Tee

Los Angeles, California

Soul is not just a style, it is a state of mind! OFFICIAL website http://www.aarontoddmusic.com FANPAGE http://www.facebook.com/pages/Aaron-Todd/121081291276600?ref=ts The Lyrics&poetry shared on this page are my own unless indicated. ©AllRightsReserved We are divine instruments, all of us. . . I am a a soul artist, a "soul-ful" singer/songwriter, poet, painter, (blah, blah, blah). . Most importantly, I am a human being. I am working on music for my first, (and long overdue), full length release, "Days of Grace," a collection of songs about life, loss, love and passion. The key element that runs through the collection of songs for me, is hopefulness. As long as we are here, on earth, we are granted another "day of grace." The collection includes songs like "Shades of Gray" a deep stream of consciousness piece, which chronicles the artist's struggle for truth, to true R&B/Pop ballads in the tradition of Seal and Prince like "No Other Love," "and "Can't Even Cry," ( favorites of Chuckii Booker), and "Mystified." There are funky and gospel flavored tracks like "Out of Time," and "Meet Me Halfway" which speak on the ups and downs of relationships and tap into a familiar Sly Stone/Stevie Wonder gritty-ness, that keep it fun. Songs like "First Sunday in July" and "Tapioca Static" find me exploring my jazz influences, while staying grounded in soul, and reaching for new ground lyrically and melodically. There are nods to hip/hop, gospel, rock and jazz and of course classic soul...on "Days of Grace," But most important, these are hand crafted songs with lyrics and melodies that are both personal and, I hope universal. Finally, I don't know about you, but I feel like in these times of economic crisis, and with the uncertainty in the music industry, there is one constant. . .People love songs that tell their story. Thank you for being a kindred spirit, for letting me share here on FB, and for your support, in advance of the CD Onelove and song, Aaron Todd ("T")

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