Aaron Tridder

Hey, I am {AARON TRIDDER} website developer/blogger, not a server side person. “I would simply describe blogging as my Passion. It is something I enjoy being surrounded by in a number of different ways. It keeps me Motivated, it keeps me Inspired, it is something I see myself being involved with for a long time. ” I've learned that just like fashion, trends in general design are a little cyclical, but also recyclable. By using modern reproduction techniques and introducing technology we can perceive the old as new again. The difference is that Design must provide the solution to a problem. Art does not have to, and really by definition should not. Hence why you find a salary to design much simpler In the pursuit of happyness do you seek chaos or order? Design appeals to a rational mind, where 1 + 1 will always equal = 2. Conservative? Leave chaos in the margins. The page is for beautiful craft. Your thoughts?