Aaron Arlof

Buffalo, New York, United States

Not doing as much UX or design as past years, but I still enjoy it, pursuing it when possible. Thinking of the user first is the most important part when designing, well, anything!

These days I'm doing a lot of work in the collectible toy area, which is pretty divergent from UX, but a lot of fun. It's a lot of building silicone molds, making casts with epoxy resin, designing parts, and sculpting original characters and accessories. Check out my resin work on my Instagram feed. I derive a lot of pleasure creating art with my hands, whether it's in physical media or the digital art of app design (graphics, type, animation).

Here's some of my old work, and my history's on LinkedIn. I also have a cool side business selling nice, out of print hardcover books on Amazon. Go check it out.

Like freebies? Download my FREE Senuti icon replacement set. It's a bit old now, but still pretty cool.

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