Aaron Augello

en route to Jinhua, PRC

//Ideator //Writer //Explorer //Reformer //Believer

While attending college as a student of international affairs and social psychology, I was confronted by our reality:

► We live in a world of community systems; some functional, others broken down or cobbled together with vague intent.

► These communities – geographical, national, cultural, generational, gendered, etc. – can be intentionally repaired and designed to sustain fulfilling community living practices.

► Impressive new gains in technology and communication (media campaigns, real-time online collaboration, advances in UI/UX) have made it more possible than ever before to re-orient these systems, to establish communities where individuals may be recognized for their intrinsic value and where the greater good can be promoted simultaneously.

I believe that together – through connection, collaboration, and celebration – we can make life in community beautiful.

  • Work
    • Alternative Educator
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    • B.S., International Relations, Psychology