Aaron Bedell

Aaron lives a completely amazing and fulfilling life. He teaches all subjects from English to Physics to students of all ages, full-time at a small, Christian international school in Yamato, Japan. He's passionate about Church ministry and Bible study and devotes much of his time outside of work to it. He's also a semi-professional photographer specializing in landscapes. His hobbies include cycling, traveling, trekking, jazz singing, and Facebook'ing. On 40 Days in Africa, Summer 2011: "Using photography to capture the flavor and challenges of life from the bays of South Africa and backroads of Lesotho to the bush of western Kenya, has given me an opportunity to raise awareness and funds to pave the way for new hope in forgotten areas." Coming Soon: Northern India/Nepal Himalaya Climbing/Trekking & World Heritage Tour, Summer 2012 On the future: The sky's no limit. I'm looking for ways to expand my network in Japan, the United States, and throughout the world while capitalizing on my photography, voice, and writing skills in the upcoming year. For more information, please contact him by email at aaronbedell@about.me or at www.aaronbedell.com.