Aaron Brown(ie)

Aaron Brown is a leisure (pronounced leshz-yer) blogger and podcaster out of Tulsa, OK. Currently his projects consist of his website terminalpodcast.org, hosting the Terminal Podcast (a monthly or whenever-he-good-and-well-feels-like-posting-a-new-episode podcast) which features authors, ministers, worship leaders (and who-ever-the-heavenly-blazes-peaks-his-interest on a day-to-day basis). He also pursues men's ministry (helping men find their identity in Christ), and someone trying to figure out how to make Christ's name famous (instead of his own which can easily happen if you find yourself buying into your own stuff) both through his life and the sermons he shares.

You can find Aaron on a major mid-west private university (where he works) ranting and raving about the importance of living out Biblical truths regardless of whether we agree with it or not (some people call him a fundamentalist but Aaron isn't down with legalism like having to dress in 17th century garb or the tyrannical oppression of women based on ludicrous interpretation of scripture - just doing what Jesus tells us to do through interpreting scripture well), urging anyone who makes the mistake to engage him in conversation to believe what the Bible says (maybe even actually read it - yes, some would call that a novel idea) instead of just thinking you know what Jesus would have you do because you wanted to rationalize an unbiblical lifestyle (Wow! This in and of itself is turning into a rant...), as well as running.

Yeah. Aaron likes to run. And hugs. Aaron likes hugs. He strongly dislikes skinny jeans. Hates would be a better word. But Aaron really digs hugs. But not skinny jeans. Hugs.