Aaron Bush

Mortgage background:My career began in 1998 when I worked as a Loan Officer at Northcrest Mortgage while still in college at UNT in Denton, Texas. A few years later I was hired as a Sr. Loan Officer for MHi Mortgage (Mercedes Homes). After several years of invaluable experience, a great opportunity arose with First Continental Mortgage and shortly after being hired I was promoted to a management role as a Vice President/Production Manager. For over 6 years I managed a profitable branch which consistently closed over 30 million in annual volume. In April of 2011 I joined Network Funding as a Senior Associate (net branch owner). I am proud to have helped thousands of families with the most important purchase of their lives.

Mobile App Development:Though I've had a successful career in mortgage banking I have always been passionate about technology. When third parties began developing apps for smart phones I was so excited as I knew that perfect mortgage app was coming. A number of mortgage apps were released but they didn't accomplish exactly what I needed. In the beginning of 2009 I had the wild idea that I could attempt to develop this app on my own. Despite never programming more than a few Excel forumulas my goal was to develop the best mortgage app available. I figured that I had nothing to lose except a little sleep attempting to learn this foreign language. In March of 2009 I downloaded the SDK and went to work on my recently purchased mac mini. Many months and many late nights later Apple approved my app (iPMT Mortgage Calculator) for sale In January of 2010.

While I knew my app was a great solution for mortgage and real estate professionals I didn't know what to expect regarding sales. It was a slow start and a niche app but sales started trickling in. About a month after the release, iPMT was featured in the New and Noteworthy section of iTunes. It became one of the top ten downloaded finance apps and I sold more than a thousand apps in just a weeks time. I've been very happy with the success of iPMT, but have only scratched the surface.