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What Aaron Cantrell has brought to the Wing Chun Community:

The Wing Chun Archive (WCA) was founded in 2001. This archive was originally a listing of the personal collection of Mr. Cantrell and comprised of over 400 books and videos on the art of Wing Chun. It has become an invaluable reference for Sifus and collectors. WCA has now grown into the famous Sifus and Schools listing, used by users all over the world to help locate top quality Sifus and Kwoons. Not too long after WCA was getting popular we launched the Wing Chun Fight Club, and the first Wing Chun encyclopedia, Wing Chun Pedia. These sites have now evolved to the next level and are now all part of eWingChun.com

Everything Wing Chun (EWC) launched in 2006 as the largest Wing Chun store in the world with over 250 unique products. Today it boasts over 500 unique Wing Chun products from over 50 top Sifus and is still growing. It is the largest Wing-Chun-only dedicated store on the planet. EWC is now more focused on bringing you the next level of training gear and innovating new ways to teach Wing Chun online.

Everything Wing Chun Instant Access (EWCIA) is an application developed by EWC in an effort to bring a new and exciting way to browse, shop and download Wing Chun DVDs.

Wing Chun University courses teach the complete system by top Sifus. They come with a full syllabus and you'll learn everything from the open hand forms, the wooden dummy, butterfly swords and the proper techniques of the long pole.

I sincerely hope you enjoy all of our sites and make us part of your Wing Chun family.