Aaron Christopher Cole

Warehouse Associate in Concord, North Carolina

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Aaron Christopher Cole is a Concord, North Carolina, resident who has accomplished much in his career and personal life. He earned an Associate's Degree in Business from Rowan Cabarrus College in Concord, NC. After completing his education, Aaron entered the workforce as a warehousing professional in the freight industry. There, he worked as a forklift driver and gained valuable experience in the field.

In addition to his work in the freight industry, Aaron has also worked in the dental industry, where he assisted in making dental molds. Aaron is a hard worker who constantly seeks new challenges and growth opportunities.

One of Aaron's most significant ambitions is to start his own business. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and is currently developing his own company. Aaron is an innovative thinker who always seeks new ideas and ways to improve existing systems. He is committed to building a successful business that will benefit him and his community.

Aaron enjoys spending time with his family when he's not working on his career goals. He believes family is essential and cherishes every moment he spends with his loved ones. Aaron always makes time for those who matter most, whether on a family vacation or at home.

Aaron Christopher Cole is an accomplished professional dedicated to his work and his family. He is always looking for new challenges and enjoys mentoring his peers to become the best versions of themselves.

  • Education
    • Rowan Cabarrus College