Aaron Cowell

B2B Sales Leader and Customer Success Evangelist in Portland, Maine

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I'm Aaron Cowell and love helping B2B SaaS companies grow bottom line revenue and scale for long-term sustainability.

I believe:

• How you scale matters.

• Long-term and sustainable growth happens through mastery of customer experience.

• SaaS companies are feeling the pressure to grow by any means necessary.

• When B2B's are too focused on winning net-new business, it's to the detriment of their paying customers, loyal employees, and future prospects.

My Background:

• Closed over ~$1.25B in paid subscription revenue for B2B SaaS clients since 2010 (50,000+ deals and counting)

• 9 years experience, in B2B Sales, SaaS Customer Success, Account Management, Biz Ops and Go-To-Market Strategy

• Servitude: Over a decade in servant and global organizational leadership

  • Education
    • John H Sykes College of Business