Aaron Crayford

Engineer in San Francisco, California

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Stuff i've helped engineer:

Skulpt (2016) text limit hit

JetStream (2015) - SDK as a service for real-time video/audio/data streaming compatible with iOS, Android and javascript (browsers). You can fundamentally add Skype-like features to your app in about an hour.

Push (2014) - Push used the JetstreamSDK but does one thing pretty unique in that it allows you to push-to-talk someone even if their ringer is off.

Clementine (2014) - Clementine is a mobile social network for enterprises.

Frankly (2013) - I contributed very little to this team; they were great without me. They were focusing on an enterprise mobile social network and have since moved onto an SDK as a service business.

Forever (2012) - Unlimited mobile storage and it actually worked! My test cases were having 200k high resolution photos on a single, low storage phone. It would cycle out LRU and offset storage onto the cloud but kept nice thumbnails so it appeared as if the data was present.

Aloha (2011) - One of the first ambient location apps Aloha would alert you when your friends were near you without having to have the app open. We were one of the few to gain traction without press or ad spend and didn't drain users batteries.

Mighty Messenger (2010) - A real-time mobile messenger for iOS and Android that has a lot of neat features. One of them was natural language search based suggestions demo video: https://vimeo.com/22709822

Gameplan (2010) - Get alerted when your friends arrived at your planned places. It also had a chat aspect. This is where we started experimenting with ambient location and got it to work pretty well.

VodkaCran (2010) - Ever make a bad joke you wouldn't repeat in good company then create an entire product around it? That's fundamentally what this product was. It was so morally ambiguous that it took Apple 4 months to approve it. We never released it. It was similar to Lulu.

Whosright (2010) - This was a voting site for debates. Larry King and Ryan Seacrest were passionate users and featured the product on their TV shows and twitter streams.

HappyPatrons (2010) - Social CRM for small businesses.

Rippol (2009) - Video discovery engine for TV shows and movies.

Vusion (2007) - HD Video streaming cloud. The tech here was mind blowing: vp7/vp8, 1U form factor http server that could stream 17gbit/s, etc..

Loggie (2006) - Peta-scale, distributed digital forensic analysis in seconds