Aaron C. White

Driven. Focused. Passionate about helping people. Always ready for an adventure.

I am a Business Development Volunteer with the Peace Corps in Nicaragua. I'm working to improve the business skills of young people in the country and help improve small businesses. I work in high schools, in rural areas, in the city, in tourist locations- pretty much anywhere you can think where a business might be.

Specifically, I work with two high school entrepreneurship teachers and help them teach a nationally mandated business class for high school seniors. The course is new and many teachers do not have business training. My job is to help them plan each class and understand the material so they can then teach the students.

In addition to entrepreneurship education, I work directly with a small tour operator in my community. The "Grand Canyon of Central America" is a major toursit draw, and we are working together to set goals for the future and grow his business.