Aaron Davies


Aaron Davies
8 Occupation Road, Corby, Northants, NN17 1EB
M: 07809761207 E: aarondavies93@gmail.com about.me/aarondavies
Personal Profile
I am currently attending Leeds Metropolitan University studying BAH Sport, Business Management. I have a huge interest and passion for both sport and business, as well as having previous experience in business management which you will be able to see in my previous job roles. I am always looking to better myself in different roles and develop myself not only as a person but in my career; this is shown through my progression at such a young age before I went to University.

• Full FA Coaching Badge, Coached Boys & Girls Teams from the ages of 11-16 years, aswell as coaching current men’s football teams.
• Ran London 10k for Teenage Cancer Trust in 2010.
• Student Football Manager of the Year 2012/13, was in charge of the full organisation of team.
• Currently Working with Wooden Spoon, to develop a strategy to be used in the Rugby World Cup 2015 to promote the charities image and help young disadvantaged children through the introduction of Rugby.

Employment History & Experience
The Benefield Wheatsheaf;
February 2010 – October 2011 Position: Deputy General Manager. (Job roles below)
September 2009 – February 2010 Position: Assistant Manager

Job Tasks, Roles & Responsibilities

Skills & Other Knowledge
• Good problem solving skills on a regular basis, I was able to adapt the way the organisation worked to problem solve and find solutions to everyday problems throughout the business.
• Communication Skills; Very Good PR Skills, Good Supplier Relations, comfortable with all communication methods whether it be email, fax, telephone or in person. (Shown in qualifications).
• Ability to write in a variety of different styles such as a report and can critically analyse in this.
• Motivating Individuals throughout a department to hit targets/deadlines.
• I have the ability to work alone or in a team, either leading that team or not.
• Good Time Management Skills; used to having to meet deadlines with functions and paperwork.
• I am very flexible in my work, as I have needed to be in my previous hospitality role where working hours are normally longer.
• Very good with computer systems, de

  • Education
    • Brooke Weston CTC
    • Leeds Metropolitan University