Aaron Davis

Consultant and Project Manager in Easley, South Carolina

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As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) practitioner, I assist clients in finding the underlying cause of their health complaints instead of treating the symptoms. We do not diagnose nor treat disease but seek healing opportunities instead. Using functional laboratory work, we uncover blocking factors and hidden stressors that are at the root of dysfunction and imbalances and resultant lack of well-being (illness). Functional Diagnostic Nutrition focuses on restoring normal function within the main pillars of health; the hormonal, digestive, immune and detoxification systems. The data from the labs help guide natural therapies including diet and other lifestyle changes such as exercise and stress reduction strategies and targeted nutritional supplementation. With compliance from the client we find our methods help restore health, sometimes even in cases where medical conditions once existed. Such clinical outcomes are the norm, not the exception and are the basis of our robust referral based practices. I founded the company Perfect Health Project in 2013 and have big plans to take this work global and to reach as many people as I can. Please visit www.PerfectHealthProject.com for more information.

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