Aaron Dodson, P. E.

Consultant in Dana Point, California

50% males and 30% females are getting cancer in the US today. The food you are eating, your environment, and especially the water you are drinking will either save you, or slowly help to diminish your health over time. I would like to help you correct these things and take command of your own health. Even if you think you are healthy and doing everything right, I guarantee you have at least one fatal flaw in your diet or environment you may have never considered as a source of diminished health.

I want to help you get outside the 50% or 30% circle and stay there. My consultation is Free. And I am also looking for associates to work with in the US and around the world as we have a global reach. I currently work close with several doctors of varied backgrounds and consult with formulators on advanced nutritional products.

After 20 years of being a frustrated engineer and finally realizing the reason I began college in premed, I began researching cancer as my family was dying.

My passion has always been helping the sick and after years of research deep into human health and the cellular body, today I call myself a cancer coach. I am not a doctor myself.

Well, into my 60s, so far, not only did I not die of cancer like my father, grandmother, two Aunts did, but I haven't been to the doctor for 20 years except for stitches and broken bones. But that's what doctors are for :)

However, the same things that help with cancer also help with the chronic issues killing most Americans including diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and all the new chronic syndromes including neurological issues, that have sprung up over the last 50 years.

So with my strong scientific background and American indian heritage, I began rigorous study of the research by "real doctors" such as Dr. Robert Young, Otto Warburg (Biophysist and 1932 Nobel prize winner), Dr. Maxwell Gerson, Dr. Hiromi Shinya, and others.

I continue to learn and research whole food nutrition, the miracle of earth based frequencies, quantum detox, and especially medical grade, electrolyzed reduced hydrogen water ERHW to help reverse oxidative stress and maintain what we call "permanent health."

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Over the years the solutions have become simple as we find the solutions are simply the correct forms of food and water, earth based frequencies, and a couple of very special things.

In Good Health!


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