Aaron Dungca

Teacher, Coach, and Technology Enthusiast in Massachusetts

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Aaron Dungca is a former teacher, lover of nature and his family, currently living in Massachusetts. Aaron Dungca's interests span from technology to food. He is also writing about fitness, coffee, and beggining his own entrepreneurship blog. Aaron Dungca has many interests and goals for the future. He has a goal that will include talking about new gadgets, new software, or just new trendy things. He is excited about being able to share his interest with many others out there.

Sometimes his posts might not be so popular, please do not worry! Aaron will be quick to change the mood of the blog! This social experiment is to show the power of grit, strength, and the will to keep going. Alot has happened over the past year, and he is making sure the years to come will be filled with joy, happiness, and hope.

Everything that will be on here is going to be a first had account to what Aaron is thinking, feeling, and needing to share to all of you. It is a labor of love, remorse, hope and devotion to God. Mistakes, success, and the in between parts are all parts of what makes life. Aaron has learned alot and is going to keep on learning. He is using this About.Me page to also make sure that others out there who are lost, curious, and needing to make a change, he hopes this blog helps you. The people that has helped Aaron the most have always been there. He is fortunate and with the help of God, they have supported him through the darkest times in his life. Aaron can now make steps towards the future and rebuild his life one day at a time, one task at a time, and one memoty at a time. Please remember to slow down and think about the good things in life and cherish them.

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  • Education
    • Leicester High School 2006
    • Springfield College 2010
    • Fitchburg State University 2012
    • Boston University 2018