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Aaron Emerson

San Luis Obispo

Wordpress Webmaster * Lifelong Learner * Content Creator * Marketing Mastermind *

Living a simple life of service in San Luis Obispo, CA, Aaron Emerson spends his days helping the local small business community connect with, secure and retain more new customers through the use of traditional and internet marketing strategies including social media and blogging.

When he's not working on local commerce projects, he's either spending time with his three daughters, volunteering for community service or learning new marketing and social media skills and tools.

If you ever have a question about marketing, San Luis Obispo or life in general, feel free to ask Aaron your question or visit his website, Prevail PR, for tons of free local marketing tips and tools.

To learn more about Aaron, his San Luis Obispo marketing company, or his projects, please visit the following links:

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    • Cal Poly San Luis Obispo