Aaron Foo

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Welcome to my website. Call me Aaron Foo. I'm a Peak Performance Trainer & Life Coach.

One thing have always stood out in my life would be understanding human behaviors. I find myself seated at a coffee shop during morning breakfast watching the little things people do as my live screen 3D theater comes to life as I sit all in the middle of it. A young man whistles as another man shouts "Boss!" to the waiters of the coffee shop... and I find myself asking "Why?"

I decided to pick up Psychology as my degree education and earned my Bachelors of Psychology (Hons.) from HELP University, Malaysia. My attempt to understand humans even more lead to a deeper understanding of the question "Why?" but understanding it held me back wanting more not only about the past which "Why?" gives, but the now.

Venturing into Neuro Linguistic Programming as made famous for it's instant Phobia Cures, I wanted to look at the "How?" of human behaviors. How was it possible for NLP fix things in our minds where counseling says it would take months or years to fix? I learnt one thing important from finishing my NLP Master Practitioner from Neuro-Semantics (USA); humans lives on choices.

"What?" was next as I asked myself what next? I'm currently pursuing my Masters Degree in Applied Psychology in Coaching (HELP University) and Professional Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation) in putting together my Why, How and What. What's Next is what I can say building up and growing people, as we are all live long learners.

For over 7 years, I've conducted training and coaching programs for both corporate and youths in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and even Thailand. In 2010, I had the luxury to be nominated as one of AYA (Asia Youth Ambassador) Asian's Most Outstanding Youth award of 2010.

Life has been a blessing and that I choose to live today may just be the greatest choice yet.

Choice, Chance, Change.