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Hi, I’m Aaron Force. I’m a Blogger living in Seattle, Washington.

I spent a large part of my adulthood imprisoned within a six-sided illusion called the Box. In some ways we all recognize it when we talk about "thinking outside of it." But most of us don't know how steep the consequences are for never challenging it.

Now I write about conquering it with creativity, imagination, and genius—how courage and faith play a part—and instill hope that we all have an unimaginable destiny if we just pursue it.

Please connect with me at my favorite stomping ground at Quora; or join the community of over 10,000 others on Twitter, or 2,500 friends at Linkedin.

Along the way you might just read about how I secured a national championship at the age of 17 and, oh yeah, the toilet that almost killed me.

May the Force be with you...

AARON FORCE "Thinking & Living Outside the Box"