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Aaron Fyke

Entrepreneur, Investor, and Engineer in Los Angeles, California

Aaron Fyke

Entrepreneur, Investor, and Engineer in Los Angeles, California

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Aaron Fyke has spent over twenty years as an entrepreneur, having founded, or assisted in the creation of, five companies. He has a track record of building successful energy companies across a number of technology areas including fuel cell, ocean power, concentrating solar, advanced automotive engines, and energy storage technologies. He has deep experience as an operating executive, investor, and engineer.

He is currently a Investment Director at Rusheen Capital, and a Venture Partner with Climate Change Capital, bringing investment capital to bear on some of the world’s toughest problems in energy, water and food sustainability.

Previously, he was the CEO of Edisun Heliostats, a technology company committed to lowering the costs of solar thermal power. Backed by Idealab, Bill Gates, NRG, and others, Edisun has already received the recognition from Hawaii’s Energy Excelerator as their only company to be accepted into both their 2015 and 2016 portfolio cohorts. Edisun is the cumulation of prior attempts by solar thermal power companies to reduce the costs of solar energy production. By adopting a scalable system with integrated storage, Edisun’s system can ultimately deliver firmed, renewable energy for less than the cost of fossil fuels.

Prior to Edisun, Aaron was the Founder and CEO of Energy Cache, a low-cost grid scale energy storage technology company, serving a multi-billion dollar energy market. Energy Cache had the backing of Idealab, Bill Gates, and Claremont Creek Ventures.

Previously he headed up the development of a $10m X PRIZE in Energy for the X PRIZE Foundation. Prior to that he was a Partner at Starfish Ventures, Australia’s largest venture capital firm, where Aaron led the investment into the fund’s biggest investment and exit – Ausra, a KPCB and Khosla Ventures backed solar thermal energy company.

Aaron earned his MBA and MSME as an LGO fellow at MIT, and his BEng in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Victoria, where he graduated at the top of his class. He has achieved certification as a Professional Engineer both in California and British Columbia.

  • Education
    • MBA, MSME, PE