Aaron Hogan

Young's Point

I've been an Internet marketing professional for more then 10 years with a wealth of experience from 6 companies and a handful of brokerages. Currently I'm working for myself, redeveloping a number of my owned and operated properties that will be used to promote local business and tourism.

Travelling has been part of my professional and recreational life, and because of that I've spent various periods of time in Kiev, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna, Sydney, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, and Toronto by far one of my favorite places has been Kiev mostly due to the immense amount of history in and around the city as well as the incredibly different culture.

I try to spend time every year in northern Ontario at the cottage on Raven Lake and I like to visit regional tourist spots whenever I can. I enjoy camping and fishing as well as rollerblading and skiing or snowboarding. I've lived all over Canada. Places like Brampton, Sudbury, Peterborough, Lakefield, Kirkland Lake, and Kelowna. I always try to do as much with my time in these places as possible because you never know when you might have to pick up and leave.

On rainy days I also like to hang out and watch movies or cartoons with my daughter or if she's busy with things that occupy an eight year old I don't mind turning on the xbox and playing Call of Duty or catching a flick on Netflix.

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Check out my blog at http://nychogan.blogspot.com

Also check out our Local Hot Spot website at http://peterboroughlocal.com/

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