Aaron Patterson

I used to be young, mildly amusing, and often inebriated. Now I work a lot, but occasionally sneak back into the fun stuff. And I drive cars. Fast.

Work-wise I helped start and run Enspiria Solutions before selling it. And now I've started a new company called Paleon Solutions because I'm a glutton for punishment, and once is never enough. I spend lots of time helping utility companies, as well as focusing on GIS in various forms and now a little Smart Grid stuff thrown in for excitement.

Family-wise I'm batting way above my average in the wife department (I blame the benefits of an English accent in the US), and we have two boys aged 5 and 3 months which make us smile every day.

I can be found on too many internet sites as aaronindenver. If I ever move from this fair city, I'm not sure what I'll do about my nonsensical username.

I occasionally wish I was better at writing my own short biography, but a glass of gin normally fixes that