Aaron Mandel

San Francisco, California, United States

Aaron is a consultant in the information management practice and Subject Matter Expert (SME) in healthcare research intelligence and analytics within the Deloitte healthcare and life sciences consulting practice.

Aaron is a clinical and scientific informaticist with six years of international experience in the clinical and pharmaceutical data warehousing space. His subject matter expertise includes user driven software development, professional open source software solutions, HIPAA, and the secondary usage of clinical information. Aaron’s eight years of scientific research at elite academic institutions provides him with a foundation in scientific methodologies and understanding of empirical research principles. This, combined with twenty years of professional work in information technology provides him the background to speak knowledgably to both the scientific and technical elements of the systems he helps develop. Professionally, he is most passionate about honing his client relationship management skills and sees these skills as one of his most valuable assets.

Aaron provides exceptional communication skills, client expectation management, and high quality elocution, documentation, and analysis of business requirements. His current role as a data/business analyst, technical supervisor, and project manager has earned him a strong reputation within the consulting organization and the medical informatics community; enabling him to act as a trusted advisor with a proven ability to design, lobby for, and implement technology-based solutions in business problems for clients including Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, GSK, Harvard, All five California medical schools, Kaiser Permanente, UMN, UW Health, Group Health, Baylor Health, Piedmont Clinic, Oxford, and Descartes Universities, and the state of Washington.

  • Work
    • Clinical Informatics
  • Education
    • University of Wisconsin, Madison