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Aaron Lacey

Marketing Technology Director in Phoenix, Arizona

Aaron Lacey

Marketing Technology Director in Phoenix, Arizona

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Born in Tucson, Arizona, Aaron is the middle of 4 boys (two older brothers are identical twins) who he is very close with. He grew up in Prescott, Arizona, and attended college at the University of Arizona in Tucson before moving to Phoenix in 2007.

His passions are marketing, technology, real estate, and maintaining a high level of mental and physical health.

Aaron is up for any challenge presented to him and thrives on overcoming obstacles. His tenacity and hard work have led him into such roles as Director of Web Development at Gain Communications (at 21 yrs old), as well as his current role Marketing Technology Director at west, a WFG company.

His adventurousness has taken him around the globe to places such as Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and St. Petersburg, Russia, to name a few.

On the philanthropic side, Aaron makes time to serve on the Board of Directors of Prevent Child Abuse Arizona, a non-profit that’s sole mission is to prevent the abuse and neglect of Arizona’s children. Aaron is also a Past Active member of the Active 20-30 Club of Phoenix, where he served for 2 years enhancing the lives of underprivileged children in the Phoenix metro area.

Aaron currently calls Central Phoenix “home”.

  • Work
    • west, a WFG company
  • Education
    • University of Arizona