Aaron Lindner (PhD)

Aaron currently works at the Max Planck Society (Department of Research Analysis and Foresight), where he focuses on future studies and media projects, involving social intranet tools and multimedia exhibitions. Since completing his education as a physicist, he has worked as scientist, internet startup entrepreneur (e.g. www.scilife.net) and television journalist. His current position combines all three activities (have a look at www.maxnet.mpg.de, www.max-planck-science-gallery.de and ). In his free time, he loves to start web projects such as bluebirdKiTE and bSTOKED.

Aaron is interested in all kinds of cutting edge ideas in the fields of technology, science and art. His professional mission is to find meaningful applications for new web and mobile concepts in such areas as science, education, media and healthcare. His private passions include film, music, design, literature, sports and travel.