Aaron Lloyd


I am Aaron Lloyd. I'm first and foremost dedicated to my wonderful family. I want to enjoy my work and life, but not have my work be my life.

I heard a great quote recently forgot where and need to live by it more - "Figure out what you want and learn how to ask for it. Both ar

e hard but both are important."


hinking is a hobby of mine, but I have not turned enough thoughts into actions. I read, love knowledge and learning new things. I read on a wide array of topics from educational, instructional, character improvement, how to's, historical, current events, comics, business, personal, business methods/theories, positive thinking, leadership, and much more.

Knowledge is Power.... Self Empowerment.

I'm a University of Michigan Grad, Class of '09 & Very Proud. Accomplished one of my Major Goals in My Life. The other were dress in a suit for work, get married, and raise a family. All accomplished.

I'm now on the path to become a Early Elementary Teacher. This is quite a career change for me and I couldn't be happier. I was laid off from and dedicated more time to volunteering at my daughters school, along with joining and being active in the Parent Teachers Association. This is were I discovered my true love of teaching young minds. There is nothing like it and I'm a natural. It did take some pushing from my wife and a few teachers at the school, but I started subbing in Novemeber of 2013. I enjoyed that more then I ever thought I would enjoy working. This lead me to enroll at Baker College to start on the path of earning my teaching certificate in Early Elementary Education.

A bit more about me: My other interest are outdoor activities such as fishing (both from boat and shore), hunting, and camping. If I can't get away to do these I also enjoy watching almost all sports and playing poker. Lastly when I find time have tinkered with writing a novel. I don't get to as much of these things as I would like.

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    • Educator
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    • University of Michigan, Dearborn
    • Baker College
    • Henry Ford Community College